Welcome Bob Neville & Community Regeneration

Bob NevilleStarfish is pleased to welcome Bob Neville as our newest Associate.

Bob is one of Australia’s longest serving Economic Development Practitioners and is passionate about small communities and the micro-economy.

Bob has identified, tested and documented a Natural Science for Small Community Regeneration ~ resulting in the Community Gold Program which supports community and economic development with the untapped ‘seed-ideas’ that exist in every small community.

Community Regeneration is focused on the small ~ small communities and the small seeds which stimulate their regeneration and genuine sustainability. The micro-economy ~ that is, the day to day real productivity spending of individuals, families and micro-to-small business ~ accounts for (in Australia) 84% to 100% (in many rural communities) of all enterprise, employment and spending (after excluding government).

Simply put, if a community’s micro-economy is in decline, so too is the whole community. And so the reverse is also true.

You can find out more about Bob’s work at the Community Regeneration website.

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