The Top 100 documentaries we can use to change the world

100 documentaries for change

Documentaries have an incredible power to raise awareness and create transformative changes in consciousness both at the personal and global levels.

Over the last 8 years, Films for Action have watched hundreds of social change documentaries and cataloged the best of them on their site.

There’s now so many that they realised there was a need to filter the list down even further.

So what follows is their list of the very best 100 ~ hand-picked for their quality, insight and potential to inspire positive change.

All of the films have been selected because they are either free to watch online, or can be rented online. There are several films which will be added when they too become accessible.

Enjoy! And turn them into ACTION!!

Web Link ~ The Top  100 Documentaries We Can Use to Change the World | Films for Action

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