The Living Classroom | Bingara is a visionary project, turning around a degraded former Town Common into a visually beautiful, working regenerative farm. The farm is the centrepiece for education, research, tourist activities and functions. It is the keystone project within the award-winning Bingara Town Master Plan and aims to inspire and enable the next generation of farming and food systems as well as reinvigorate Bingara and the surrounding districts.

The fortunes of Bingara, as is the case for most farming-based communities, are intrinsically linked with both the strength and the characteristics of its farming sector and food system. By focussing on regenerative agriculture, The Living Classroom is addressing one of Australia’s most pressing priorities, and most exciting opportunities ~ meeting the continuing rapid growth of global food demand in a manner which is profoundly more environmental benign and significantly more socially beneficial. In its simplest form, regenerative agriculture is the overall term given to farming methods which restore and do not deplete natural systems or ecology.

“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a policeman and a lawyer but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.

~ Brenda Schoepp

Aerial View of The Living Classroom, February 2012

Aerial View of The Living Classroom, February 2012


The Living Classroom has been short-listed for the Regional Development Australia Fund. A full funding application is now being prepared to construct an iconic Interpretive Centre for Regenerative Agriculture.

The Centre is the keystone infrastructure for completion and realisation of the whole project and a platform for completion of the entire site. It will be a visually stunning sustainable building which is highly functional and flexible. It will adjoin the new Primary Industries Trade Training Centre and Bunkhouse Accommodation, all surrounded by the Regenerative Farm.

A year round Learning & Visitor Program will utilise these facilities for applied courses, workshops, forums and hands-on experiences regarding regenerative farming and food systems.


Starfish is preparing the funding application for the Interpretive Centre and was responsible for researching and preparing the Business Development Plan (linked below).


The Living Classroom website
Executive Summary ~ Business Development Plan (2.16Mb)
Business Development Plan (5.28Mb)
Bingara SEED (Social Environmental & Economic Development) Plan (2Mb)
Bingara Town Master Plan