Rural Sustainability Endowment Fund Appeal

Starfish established the Rural Sustainability Endowment Fund to provide a perpetual stream of micro-grants for rural sustainability initiatives.

These micro-grants will be made widely available for initiatives by Starfish itself, our collaborators and others working in the movement.

The Endowment Fund Appeal was launched in April 2017 with news of an extraordinarily generous $½m donation from Josette Wunder of The Earth Welfare Foundation.

Our goal is to raise a further $1m by 2021.

The Endowment Fund is being invested with professional guidance by industry leader EthInvest in ways which:

  • Positively screen and seek to support rural sustainability

  • Seek to achieve both financial and non-financial returns

  • Negatively screen investments which are at odds with rural sustainability.

We would greatly welcome your support, in the form of a donation or a legacy in your will, for the Endowment Fund.

Click here to make a donation via our secure portal,or get in touch here to discuss becoming a Starfish Foundation donor.