Support Our Work

Starfish welcomes your interest to get involved with and support our work for rural and regional sustainability.

These are the different ways you can play a part:


You can make a difference by working with us to raise awareness and build understanding of rural and regional sustainability ~ from the challenges we face through to the many opportunities before us.

Starfish’s view is that rural and regional sustainability is far less understood and focused on as a priority as compared with sustainability from an urban and metropolitan perspective. This is a serious issue, particularly given that rural and regional areas are the major providers of food, fuel and fibre… plus much more.

We would welcome your support to join with our communication channels and help us spread the message by:

Become a Voting Member

Starfish’s voting members have the very important role of ensuring the accountability and performance of our Board of Directors.

We would welcome your interest in becoming a voting member.

Contact us if you would like to apply.


Donations to Starfish Foundation of $2 or more are tax-deductible. The Foundation is listed on the Australian Government’s Register of Environmental Organisations.

Starfish uses the GiveNow platform to handle electronic donations ~ which can be once-only or ongoing (e.g. monthly) and via direct debit or credit card. Our preference for ongoing donations is direct debit as the administration costs are significantly lower than for credit cards.

We call our monthly donors ‘starfishers’!

Click here to make a donation or become a starfisher!

Donations of $1,000 or more can be earmarked for a specific area of sustainability work or particular sustainability initiative. Please contact us if this option is of interest for you and we can provide our bank details for a direct deposit, and tax receipt.

Nominate us as your ‘Community Partner’

Starfish is an approved beneficiary of Regional Australia Bank’s (RAB) Community Partnership Program. RAB are Australia’s largest inland credit union.

This initiative enables RAB members nominate Starfish to be the beneficiary of a donation equal to 1% of their average annual bank balance. The program is an extension of RAB’s Community Support Program and is free-of-cost to members.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Community Partnership Program has contributed almost $1m and is a real demonstration of the revolution in community banking.

Click here to find out more and how to nominate Starfish as your chosen charity.

Internships & Volunteers

Starfish has hosted interns to gain practical experience as part of their studies.

We also have many volunteers actively involved with one or more of our sustainability initiatives or events.

One of Starfish’s guiding principles is ‘mutuality’. This is especially important for interns and volunteers. For Starfish, this is about finding ways of working together that is mutually beneficial and workable ~ i.e. for you as well as for us. This way your interests and needs ~ be they personal interests, professional development, study needs or other ~ can be met at the same time as progressing our work and purpose of creating and supporting rural sustainability.

To find out more, contact Starfish here.

Volunteers on New England Wind's 'Community Wind Power' exhibit at the 2014 Black Gully Festival, Armidale.

Volunteers on New England Wind’s ‘Community Wind Power’ exhibit at the 2014 Black Gully Festival, Armidale.

Professionals & Partners ~ Pro-bono & Paid

Since its formation, Starfish has entered nearly 200 contracts for paid professional services ~ with individual freelancers and partner organisations.

LegalMinds and Forsyths have been significant pro-bono contributors to Starfish’s work, particularly for the various legal and accounting work required to establish the charity.

HWL Ebsworth have been the single greatest pro-bono contributor to our work ~ having donated years of detailed legal work to set-up and start-up Earth Funerals.

Contact us if you are interested to become a pro-bono or paid professional or partner.