Support CORENA’s Global Day of Climate Action

CORENA _ Global Day of Climate ActionA Global Day of Climate Action is being held on 21 September 2014 to coincide with the United Nation’s climate meeting of world leaders.

CORENA ~ Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia ~ have launched a fundraising campaign to build Australia’s first citizen-owned solar thermal plant.

Their ambitious aim of raising $5m is in their words ‘aiming at funding what is necessary for a solar thermal plant with storage rather than settling for what might seem more possible’.

Given that there are already 750,000 households buying Green Power in Australia, this might not be as ambitious as it first seems.

Starfish has followed and supported CORENA’s work with keen interest. Their innovative model of raising donations to create a revolving investment fund for community solar power systems is proving successful. CORENA have already funded two projects and are well on their way to their third. Perhaps of even greater significance is the involvement and action they are inspiring in communities right across Autralia.

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