Starfish engaged for Homes North Governance & Strategy Retreat

homes_north_logoStarfish is pleased to announce that it has been engaged to design and facilitate a Governance & Strategy Retreat for Homes North Community Housing. The Retreat is significant in that it coincides with the first full year of implementation of Homes North’s Strategic Plan and comes at a time of dynamic change in the social housing sector.

Homes North provides community housing throughout the New England | North West region of NSW and has grown considerably in the last 30 years. Most recently, Homes North merged with Inverell Community Housing. Like Starfish, Homes North are passionate about providing a strong regionally-based service focused on regional issues. They are an anchor in the region and a provider of one of the most important foundations for social sustainability ~ housing. Their passion for regionally-based services extends across NSW through being a founding member of the Housing Alliance ~ which includes three other regionally-based community housing providers.

The strategic context in social housing is highly dynamic. Innovation is the buzzword as is social-enterprise based solutions. Both are music to Starfish’s ears given their value to social sustainability.

Homes North are already recognised as a leading and innovative player in the sector, however they are determined to stay ahead of the curve. CEO Maree Mackenzie recently returned from a UK Study Tour to learn from some of the most advance operations in the world. The tour was an initiative of the Housing Alliance.

Starfish is honoured to be of service for Homes North in this way, especially given our passion for our professional facilitation, governance and leadership services.

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