Renewables for ALL

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Renewables for All is a new initiative working to develop government policies which can increase the access to clean energy for segments of the community who currently face barriers to do so, particularly:

  • Low to moderate income households
  • Renters
  • Apartment dwellers, and
  • People who live in shaded or heritage listed buildings.

The project is focused on a range of new clean energy technologies, namely solar photovoltaics (Pv), energy storage, energy control and management systems and energy efficiency measures.

A range of barriers exist for these customer segments, which if left unaddressed will exacerbate inequality. However, this inequality should not be used as a reason to stifle clean energy innovation, but rather a driver for greater innovation.

Around the world, social enterprises, charities, companies and governments are establishing new business models and policy settings and programs that increase access to new energy technologies such as solar PV and battery storage to those customer segments that are currently not able to access them.

A series of state-specific Discussion Papers have already been produced (NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and ACT) and are currently being workshopped with policy makers and key stakeholders in each jurisdiction to develop policies which can support access for the above community members.

Renewables for All is a new strategic initiative of the Coalition for Community Energy, led by the Community Power Agency and auspiced by Starfish Initiatives. This project was funded by Energy Consumers Australia as part of its grants process for consumer advocacy projects and research projects for the benefit of consumers of electricity and natural gas.

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