Hockey favoured to beat bull in challenge

Good onya, Joe! — img src Wikipedia

I don’t know how confused most Australian’s were by Joe Hockey’s recent attack on wind turbines, but I for one was rather unsettled. This feeling was exacerbated by media revelations that Joe, who is remodelling himself as Australia’s stoic financial saviour, is having private and undisclosed meetings with big business. It’s possible to imagine, on a purely hypothetical level of course, that some of these secretive get togethers are with groups that have a vested interest in seeing renewable energy, at the very least, restrained. In my opinion Joe’s comments were utterly unwarranted and misguided, especially in the the light of the ACT Government’s goal of a 90% renewable electricity supply by 2020. Why Joe feels the way he does, and why he made those comments, will probably only ever be known by a very small and select group of people.

The funny thing is that Luke Osbourne, the man whose wind turbines raise Joe’s blood pressure so much on his way to parliament, has challenged the Treasurer to a fight with his prize bull ‘George’, who by the way has “lived peacefully under the turbines for years”. The details are sketchy, but one could assume the winner will be the one that can produce the most bull-dust … or perhaps something else … we’ll just have to wait and see.

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