Help Light up Fiji… with Sustainable Solar

Light Up Fiji brings renewable solar light to Fijian homes to replace dirty, dangerous, toxic kerosene lamps. A two light solar system is installed in the home. The Fijian family pay 1/3rd of the cost of the Solar System (about $50.00 Fijian), for each donation of US$86 to cover the balance (with the total system cost being US$129.

The fixed two light system used has been successfully deployed in the islands for many years. They are a trouble free, highly trusted solar system for conditions such as those found in Fiji.

Most Fijian homes on these islands either do not have indoor light at all or use kerosene to light their homes. Kerosene is both dangerous and polluting. 15,000 burns a day reported in the developing world and the Sierra Club recently calculated that the CO2 output from kerosene lanterns was almost equal the total emissions of the United Kingdom.

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Starfish has worked with two of the partners involved with Light up Fiji – Judith and Robert Seton – and is proud to support their important work.

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