Glen Innes recognised as renewable energy hub

Glen Innes is at the centre of the renewables revolution according to a recent ABC news article, which highlights the Sapphire and White Rock wind farms. Both are being constructed close to the town due to the ideal combination of high winds and grid connectivity found on this part of the Great Dividing Range.

Goldwind, who are responsible for White Rock wind farm, have also started construction of a 70,000 panel solar farm in the area making the town a genuine renewable energy hub.

The developments have brought a huge boost for the local economy. Some of the 30 farmers on whose land the new turbines are being built have declared that it is helping them to drought-proof their businesses. What’s more, local businesses are employing more staff to deal with the influx of construction workers who are now spending money in the area.


Alex Hewitt, MD of CWP Renewables says the company is looking to invest over $300 million in renewables projects in NSW over the next four years.

Starfish is collaborating with Sapphire Wind Farm, which will be the largest wind farm in NSW, to pioneer a community investment project. This would give community members the chance to capitalise even further on the development by investing directly in the wind farm. For further information and to show your interest complete the Community Investment Survey here.

Starfish’s is also work to develop a community-owned wind farm for the region, called New England Wind. This is a longer-term project, with a large amount of work required to secure a viable site and successfully put the project together ~ hence the excitement at Sapphire’s community investment, which, all going well, will happen in the short-term!

Read more ∼ Small town of Glen Innes to become renewable energy hub scattered with wind turbines by Phillipa McDonald on ABC News

Sapphire Community Investment Survey

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