Future can be better (or worse) than persistent ‘nasal inflammation’ …

If we are to project into a future that considers ways of being that include all life forms we have to change direction NOW. There is no way south of Hobart that could endorse our current environmental approach. I’m struggling with the idea that as a race we are pretty much crapping where we eat. We are the only remaining species of the hominids and I now find myself trying to explain to my 6 year old son that Lions (Yes, those big scary things that live in Africa) are soon to become completely extinct in the wild … at least in West Africa.

Check out China …

Undoubtedly humans have an enormous ability to transform this planet … we just need to start doing it constructively not destructively. It also seems that, at least here in Australia, that the positive change required will need to come from the bottom up.

There’s many more, but these are some groups looking toward a positive, community driven, bottom-up transformation:

  • The Surf Coast Energy Group – a diverse group of residents from the surf coast of Victoria (Australia) united by a concern for climate change and sustainability, and doing something about it at a local level sceg.org.au
  • The North Coast Energy forum – developing a comprehensive strategy for transitioning the North Coast to sustainable energy, including increasing local energy generation, storage and encouraging onservation and efficiency ncef.net.au
  • The Coalition for Community Energy – realising a vision of communities across Australia benefiting from shared ownership of innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects; taking an active role in creating a sustainable and resilient energy future for Australia c4ce.net.au
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  1. Adam Foster Blakester
    Adam Foster Blakester says:

    China vows to clean up 60 percent of cities by 2020

    The pledge to clean up the nation’s major metropolitan centers was made in a State Council plan for how to deal with China’s rapid urbanization drive.

    “We will improve and promote green, sustainable and low carbon development in the urbanization process, enforcing the strictest measures on ecological and environmental systems,” the plan said.

    However, at China’s annual parliamentary session earlier this month, officials said only three of 74 major cities met the pollution standards in 2013.

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