‘Coronered’ by the global pandemic

Sadly, Starfish has been seriously coronered by the global pandemic. For the moment, the organisation has been placed into an hibernation-like state awaiting a possible positive return.

The impacts of Covid-19 on Starfish’s work program were severe.

By late March 2020, more than 80% of Starfish’s forward work had been either postponed indefinitely or cancelled outright. As an enterprise-based charity with freelance contractors, not employees, Starfish was not eligible for any of the government assistance that was available.

From April to September 2020, Starfish reset and pared back its operations to just three projects, so as to match work with capacity and resources.

Unfortunately, there was further wave of impacts which played out during this time, the affect of which was to undermine the financial viability of even this handful of projects.

As a result, all of Starfish’s sustainability initiatives and professional services have now been discontinued. The Starfish Associates program has been suspended.

Thankfully, Starfish remains still a going concern and has sufficient reserves to cover it’s fixed overheads for several years to come. The Board intend to initiate a new strategic planning process once a forward view of the situation becomes clearer, which they anticipate will be mid-to-late 2021 at the earliest.

During this transition period, Starfish’s Board will consider any new sustainability initiative on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that Starfish has the required capacity and resources. All regulatory and compliance requirements will continue to be satisfied during this time.

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