Living & Working Sustainability

Starfish Associate and Executive Director, Adam Blakester, in the 2014 Sustainable Homes Tour. The Blakester’s home ~ named ‘Tumblegum’ ~ is at Invergowrie in the New England High Country and is also Starfish’s primary work location.

This video highlights the excellent digital media work of Iain Mackay from Sustainable Living Armidale (SLA). SLA have coordinated the Sustainable Homes Tour for many years now, though it was originally created by The Armidale Waldorf (Steiner) School.

Going back 450m years in time blew my mind

Last weekend I spend a day with my daughter Jaz and her class mates attending Minerama.

My unexpected surprise was seeing the mineralised fossils on display by Fossil Encounters. Below is a picture of some 450 million years old Starfish.

450 million years old fossilised starfish

Jaz & Elijah fossicking near Glen Innes

What’s the link?

You may be asking yourself, what’s the link with sustainability? For me our appreciation and understanding of our common history is key to sustainability now and into the future. Humanity’s place in history is far from secure. Just like the many mineralised and now extinct dinosaurs you can see on Fossil Encounters website.

While I went on this trip to enjoy my daughter’s fossicking for sapphires, I instead discoverd a profound perspective on time… and of the fleeting and precious nature of life.