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Invitation ~ Help build the new economy through activism, enterprise and social change

Today‚Äôs economy is built on the foundations of a global industrial and financial system with immense productive capacity, however the extractive nature of it has created extreme income disparity and social injustices as well as wrought devastation on the natural world. There is an increasingly spirited debate about the need for a ‚Äėnew economy‚Äô, which […]

Floating solar solution for Lismore Community Solarfarm

In an exciting and unexpected turn of events, a floating solar solution is now going to be used for the East Lismore Community Solarfarm. This change has been made at the sewage treatment plant to overcome the site limitations and maximise opportunities to expand the size of the solar array in the future ~ particularly […]

They wanted to share the tools in their garage ~ Now, everyone can

When Thomas was moving his family from Portland, Oregon, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, he started his housing search by looking to locate near a tool library in his new town. But where he eventually settled‚ÄĒnortheast Minneapolis‚ÄĒthere was none. His new neighbourhood was filled with a lot of older homes ~ and a lot of renovation projects. […]

Manatees ready to be dropped from endangered species list

In some all but too rare good news, US wildlife officials are proposing that¬†the West Indian manatee, ¬†once considered to be on the brink of extinction, be¬†no longer ¬†listed as an endangered species, ¬†thanks to a significant improvement in its population and habitat. The tubby, grey marine mammals, known lovingly by many as “sea cows”, […]

Solar power tower goes up in Australian desert, ready to grow tomatoes

Construction of a world-leading, concentrated solar power (CSP) tower plant that will supply electricity heat and desalinated seawater to grow tomatoes in the Australian desert has reached a major milestone, with the erection of the 127m high tower. The company behind the custom-built Port Augusta plant, Aalborg CSP, with construction group John Holland, put the […]

Jandakot Bioenergy Plant | Richgro

Richgro garden products is a family owned and operated business, established in WA back in 1916, and today is a nation wide supplier of compost and fertilisers. Richgro‚Äôs team started researching viable renewable energy options in 2011 to reduce their $600,000pa electricity costs, touring Europe and America looking for the right solution. They decided on […]

Organic agriculture key to feeding the world sustainably

A review study, Organic Agriculture in the 21st Century, {pay wall} featured as the cover story for February issue of the journal¬†Nature Plants, is the first such study to analyze 40 years of science comparing organic and conventional agriculture across the four goals of sustainability identified by the National Academy of Sciences ~ covering productivity, […]