The path to our future passes through
the pain of our past 

You are invited to a conversation …

hosted by Sydney Friends of Myall Creek

… a diversity of speakers addressing Australia’s denial of our Frontier Wars, when the blood went into the ground and until today cries out for justice … leading to a flawed vision for nationhood.

‘There remains a scar on the face of the country, a birth-stain of injustice and exclusion directed against that people who could so easily provide the core sense of ourselves as a nation, but who remain on the fringes.’ Inga Clendinnen, author and historian

The massacres can be seen as Australia’s unfinished sorry business, an apology that embraces sovereignty never surrendered, Treaty never considered.

There is a momentum towards recognising the true nature of colonisation in Australia. The nation is looking for leadership on this complex and confronting issue, without which we will keep sabotaging our national aspirations and dreams.

By coming together we can together consider ways forward to a place of Recognition, Reconciliation and Equality.

Depiction of Myall Creek Massacre: Mitchell Library

Depiction of Myall Creek Massacre: Mitchell Library

Jubilee Room NSW Parliament House | Wednesday 11 May 6 – 7.15pm


02 9817 0288

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the world’s first Centre for Reconciliation at Myall Creek.

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