Starfish officially launched … finally … woop woop!

While Starfish has been operating since 2008, we waited for our official launch until we had all of our regulatory approvals in place. We received the last one in February 2017.

This means that Starfish is now able to receive tax deductible donations. Hooray!!

On the back of this new status, we established the Starfish Foundation. The Foundation has had a fantastic start with  an extraordinarily generous $½m donation from Josette Wunder of The Earth Welfare Foundation.

The donation was dedicated to Starfish Foundation’s first project ~ the Rural Sustainability Endowment Fund Appeal ~ which aims to raise $1.5m by 2021 This fund will provide a perpetual stream of micro-grants for rural and remote sustainability initiatives.

We create and lead our own sustainability initiatives

We provide professional services to support others’ sustainability work

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Associate Recruitment Campaign

Starfish’s professional services are provided by our Associates; a fluid collective of experts who come together as needed to form teams which are tailor-made for each project. Like those sea-dwelling starfish, this decentralised structure makes our organisation robust and adaptable.

We are aiming to triple the number of Associates by 2021. If you think you or someone you know might like to be part of this revolutionary way of working have a look at our recruitment campaign below:

Our sustainability initiatives …

Our work at Starfish is also different because it spans all three of the pillars of sustainability ~ social and cultural; natural and built environments; and the economy and livelihoods ~ as well as a wide range of specialist areas, such as >>>>>


“How to Get There”

Go to the end of the path until you get to the gate.
Go through the gate and head straight out towards the horizon
Keep going towards the horizon
Sit down and have a rest every now and again
But keep on going. Just keep with it.
Keep on going as far as you can
That’s how you get there.

by Michael Leunig

Starfish’s professional specialties

We see this as so much more than ‘consulting’. Sharing our professional expertise is our way of being of service and collaborating with our peers.


UBERFacilitation ~ highly participatory processes for decision-making, strategic planning, research and evaluation to generate shared understanding and agreement between diverse people, professions, organisations, cultures and interests.

Community Enterprise

CECommunity Enterprise ~ creating and supporting industry, sectors and business models {hyper} in energy, transport, education, food, housing, learning, health, communications and nature.

Leadership & Learning

LLLeadership & Learning ~ forums, workshops and programs in core sustainability areas of knowledge and know-how including governance, change strategy, facilitation, collaboration, participation, community enterprise and creative communication.

Start-up Incubator & Auspice

AAuspice ~ start-up and incubator services for new sustainability initiatives through their formation with a view to becoming self-sustaining in their own right.

Is there anything Starfish can do to be of service for your sustainability needs and opportunities? We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and needs to see if there’s a way that we can complement your capacity and add value to your work.

Why Starfish?

Starfish have an amazing capacity to self-heal and regenerate themselves, . Not only can they regrow lost body parts, like a broken off limb but amazingly, an entire new starfish can also grow from that lost part.

Starfish Initiatives is guided by the key sustainability principles that these beautiful sea creatures embody; principles like regeneration, replicability,and the decentralisation, sharing and spreading of knowledge, leadership, opportunity, resources and much more.