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Creating and supporting genuine sustainability

Starfish has a track record of innovative sustainability initiatives  ~ realising opportunities and addressing challenges ~ in governance, strategy, energy, food, health, employment, learning, culture, community services, leadership and learning.

Starfish specialises in:


UBERParticipation ~ highly participatory processes for decision-making, strategic planning, research and evaluation to generate shared understanding and agreement between diverse people, professions, organisations, cultures and interests.

Leadership & Learning

LLLeadership & Learning ~ forums, workshops and programs in core sustainability areas of knowledge and know-how including governance, change strategy, facilitation, collaboration, participation, community enterprise and creative communication.

Community Enterprise

CECommunity Enterprise ~ creating and supporting industry, sectors and business models {hyper} in energy, transport, education, food, housing, learning, health, communications and nature.


AAuspice ~ start-up and incubator services for new sustainability initiatives through their formation with a view to becoming self-sustaining in their own right.

Is there anything Starfish can do to be of service for your sustainability needs and opportunities? We welcome discussing your ideas as well as preparing proposals for your sustainability initiatives.

What we’re doing …

For Starfish, genuine sustainability challenges us to create distributed, networked and regenerative ways of providing for a quality life for people, and all of nature, to simply be. It is about both pursuing the most significant opportunities ~ as well as addressing the serious challenges ~ of our time.


“How to Get There”

Go to the end of the path until you get to the gate.
Go through the gate and head straight out towards the horizon
Keep going towards the horizon
Sit down and have a rest every now and again
But keep on going. Just keep with it.
Keep on going as far as you can
That’s how you get there.

by Michael Leunig

Since 2008 …


Sustainability Initiatives











What others say about us

The NOW Initiative is progressing nicely. I am really delighted with the outcome of this body of work. Thank you so much for your commitment and interest… it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Alison McGaffinRegional Coordinator, Western NSWNSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

“On reading the below [RDANI Newsletter] I came across the good work Starfish is doing in this space – well done, interested to hear more on it.”

John CarletonExecutive Projects ManagerMoree Plains Shire Council

“The newsletters are great and really provide some fresh concepts and approaches, along with actual examples, so thanks for them.”

Richard CowleyManagerThe Brolga Project

Thank-you for relaying the information you have and for providing the links … easy to understand, concise and relevant. I cannot ask for more than that!

Tom LivanosStudentUNE Bachelor of Sustainability